Medical Services

The data arriving from the devices will be analyzed and, within a few minutes, a feedback will be sent.


The monitor can also be used to have consultations in streaming with the doctors of our SOSunit.

The Case

Apollo case contains a kit of devices that allow you to constantly monitor the patient.


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Top Equipment

On request it is possible to customize the composition of the devices.


The devices measure basic vital signs, identify the most common diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetics, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, etc.


The results of the tests carried out have no diagnostic value and fall in a screening analysis. The values obtained may be subject to fluctuations due to non-controllable external factors.

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

We are helpcodelife, a company that has been involved in the development and production of medical devices for emergency management for years.

We operate in the field of health data management, and we draw inspiration from the original idea of ​​allowing the user to directly manage their medical data so that they can be used to protect themselves anytime, anywhere in the world.

How it all came to be…

The purpose

We were born with the aim of giving everyone, in the world, tools that help manage their personal and medical information in a simpler way and we propose solutions that are more appropriate to everyone’s requests, especially those who cannot reach hospitals or doctors in a short time.

We want to contribute positively and concretely to the lives of billions of people through solutions aimed at improving the protection of their health.

“First Aid at your fingertips”

Apollo Check

It is a software that through the connection to a series of devices is able to display on the monitor the different parameters measured in real time.

Thanks to an internet system, the screen can be connected to the SOSunit operations center and it can send datas in real time while the patient takes the measurement.